• Hwe Dup Bap

    Sashimi and vegetables with spicy sauce, served with miso soup $19.95

  • Live Scallop

    Live Scallop $11.95

  • Sushi Lollipops

    Sushi Lollipops $9.95

Moko is steeped in legacy

For two generations the Son family has been involved in the restaurant business. And from the beginning, we have treated our patrons like family. We have diligently attended to the comfort of our patrons, and we have constantly sought to provide fantastic cuisine matched with stellar service. We care about the health of our family, and thus, we care about the health of our patrons. It is our aim to maintain the nutritional value of the foods we serve, and we do this by serving the highest quality ingredients that have been judiciously selected, delicately prepared, and optimally cooked. Nutrition, taste, and style dwell together at Moko. We ensure that our sauces compliment the entire dish making each bite a gratifying experience. And when combined with our refined minimalist presentation, Moko’s cuisine not only tantalizes the tongue, but also the eye. Dining at Moko is an holistically satisfying experience, and we tirelessly strive to continue the legacy of genuine care and supreme quality we have inherited. Come and share in the legacy. Moko Japanese Cuisine in Boston, MA.


Dine In / Take Out / Delivery

Monday—Wednesday 4PM – 11PM

Thursday—Sunday 12PM – 11PM

Delivery stops at 10PM



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